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The Company

FOSSean Technologies is a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based firm committed to providing small and medium sized businesses with a reliable and knowledgeable IT outsourcing partner. We specialize in Linux based solutions ranging from High availability Linux server clusters to Linux desktop workstations. Our services include consulting, remote/on-site technical support, reliable hardware repair/maintenance and access to the latest free open source technology and software.

Our philosophy is to help customers in the most efficient manner and we are highly committed to total customer satisfaction. We believe in the value of repeat customers and referrals which explains why our comprehensive customer support packages are designed to ensure that your business functions are thoroughly supported and nurtured.

FOSSean Technologies is an advocate of the Open Source philosophy. We have designed our business to reflect the ideals of utilizing free Open Source software to build reliable, high performance applications and systems for our clients. We believe that Linux is and will continue to be a significant player in the computing market, and that many companies will insist on a network operating system that is truly "free" (in the intellectual property sense and in the monetary sense). And we believe that Linux and free open source software offers the greatest reliablity and the best VALUE today.

Our Approach

We believe in working closely with our customers to find out what services will benefit their businesses in improving best their services in the most efficient and cost effective ways. We start with complete consultation on what scale to expand our customers' services and products, and where they would like to take their company utilizing free open source technologies.

We're not interested in marketing hype. The computer industry is filled with a lot of spin doctors and pundits hyping products. Many claims are made within the computer industry that simply aren't true. All we want to help you do is to build what works for your company, and no more.

We believe success and integrity go hand-in-hand, therefore we only target and approach businesses where we see a high advantage or growth using our services. On our proposals we provide different options with the breakdown of advantages and risks so our customers will have great transparency and complete control of what direction they would like to expand their business.


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