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FOSSean Technologies is dedicated to help small, medium and corporate sized businesses to leverage on Linux based solutions and free open source software technology. We provide on-site consulting, technical support, reliable repair and maintenance.
If you are looking to lower costs, improve reliability and maintain the functionality of your Linux operating environment, you have found the right place. Welcome to FOSSean!

SearchEnterpriseLinux.com: What CIOs should know about the open source revolution

CIOs can gain competitive advantages by taking part in the open source revolution, a movement that will shake up the power structure of the IT world, said Julie Hanna Farris, the founder of Scalix. Farris explains why open source is not a fad and how it will benefit the business world...
Full Story... May 26 2005

LinuxPlanet: LinuxWorld Summit: Linux Replacing Other Enterprise OS

Linux is rapidly replacing Unix, Windows, and old-style mainframes for mainstream enterprise use, despite lingering issues ranging from the availability of enterprise server applications to the quality of desktop Linux software, according to attendees at this week's LinuxWorld Summit in New York City.
Full Story... July 21 2005

STUFF : Ubuntu Linux encourages sharing and copying

Ask software billionaire Mark Shuttleworth why he has dedicated so much of his time and money to open-source projects since selling his business in 1999, and he is likely to tell you he wants to make the world a better place...
Full Story... May 10 2005

NewsFactor : Head to Head: Linux vs. Windows on 64-Bit Chips

For the first time in history, there are more Linux software choices than Windows choices -- in the 64-bit arena
Full Story... May 10 2005

CIO Information Network : The End of Software Licensing

The success of open source software will, eventually, lead to the end of proprietary software licensing as we know it.
Apache, Linux, Mozilla/Firefox, OpenOffice, Ingres, JBoss, CollabNet, MySQL; these and many other open source projects all are common names in the IT industry today and they all share something in common: no licensing fees.
Full Story... April 4 2005

eWeek : Get the Facts Right on Linux, Microsoft

Opinion: Along with one of Microsoft's favorite research firms, companies that use both Linux and Windows are finding that Windows has no cost advantage over Linux. Are we surprised? I think not!
Full Story... January 6 2004

IT Week : Samba 3 extends lead over Win 2003

Tests by IT Week Labs indicate that the latest version of the open-source Samba file and print server software has widened the performance gap separating it from the commercial Windows alternative.
Full Story... October 14 2003


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